The RadX seminar (“Responsabilité, Algorithmes, Données personnelles : regards croisés”) is a set of talks dedicated to settling a dialogue between Computer Sciences and Humanities about the algorithmic use of personal data and its impact on individuals and societies. Talks take place at the IRISA Computer Science research center and are given by experts that are NOT from Computer Science but whose work is strongly related with the thematics of the seminar (for example, laws, sociology, psychology). After a talk, one or more computer scientist(s) write a short synthesis/discussion collaboratively with the speaker and publish it in the Synthesis page.

Anyone can attend a talk. If you would like to attend but you are not affiliated to INRIA or to IRISA, please register to the talk at least three days before the talk’s date.

Do not hesitate to subscribe to the mailing list to be noticed of the incoming talks. If you would like to propose a talk, or in general for any question, simply send us an email.

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